flexible C++ library for efficient numerical optimization
  • I found a bug in the code and/or documentation. How do I report it?

    Please make a small and self-contained program which exposes the bug, and then open an issue at the GitHub repo. We appreciate your time to make a bug report.

  • How do I cite ensmallen in my work?

    Please cite the following paper if you use ensmallen in your research and/or software.
    Citations are useful for the continued development and maintenance of the library.

  • What is the distribution license for ensmallen?

    ensmallen is open source software, licensed under the permissive 3-clause BSD license. See also a Quick Summary of the license.

  • Who are the developers?

    See the developers page for more info.

  • Is there a source code repository?

    Yes. See https://github.com/mlpack/ensmallen. Note that the repository may contain work-in-progress code that has not been tested thoroughly.

  • Do you accept contributions?

    Contributions are welcome, provided they are cleanly written, tested, and have accompanying documentation.